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Revo Technologies is a technology company headquartered in Murray, Utah that develops engineering solutions for a variety of industries. Founded in 2005, the company has grown significantly over the past 17 years and now employs over 150 people at its Murray location. This article will provide an overview of Revo Technologies’ history and operations in Murray, Utah.

History and Founding

Revo Technologies Murray Utah was founded in 2005 by Michael Dayton, who previously worked as an engineer for several large technology corporations in Silicon Slopes. Dayton saw an opportunity to start his own engineering firm that could provide customized solutions for clients across different sectors. He founded the company out of his garage in Murray with just two employees.

In its early years, Revo focused on developing software and hardware for the mining, construction, and energy industries. One of its first major clients was a large mining company that contracted Revo to build ruggedized computers and sensors to deploy in difficult environments underground. This initial success allowed Revo to grow slowly over the next few years by taking on more projects of a similar nature.

By 2010, Revo had outgrown Dayton’s garage and leased its first commercial office space in Murray near the intersection of State Street and 5300 South. Around this time, it also began expanding beyond its traditional industries and taking on more general technology projects. A big breakthrough came in 2013 when Revo won a contract to develop custom mapping software for the entire Utah Transit Authority bus system. This high-profile project helped raise Revo’s profile and led to more work in transportation technology.

Continued Growth and Facilities Expansion

The years since 2010 have seen near-constant growth for Revo as it has taken on larger, more complex projects that have required scaling up its workforce and operations. In 2015, it opened a new 30,000 square foot headquarters just down the road from its original Murray office. Currently, over 120 of Revo’s 150 employees work out of this facility, which houses engineering labs, machine shops, and plenty of space for collaboration.

Revo has expanded its Murray facility twice, most recently in 2019 when it added another 15,000 square feet of office and lab space. The company considered relocating to accommodate its growth but ultimately decided to stay in Murray due to the central location, access to skilled talent, and supportive business environment provided by the city. Remaining in Murray also allowed Revo to retain the culture it had established over more than a decade.

Diversification into New Markets

While still working with longtime clients in its foundation industries, Revo has diversified significantly in recent years by applying its skills to new sectors. One new focus area is medical technology, with Revo developing imaging systems, surgical robots, and other high-tech medical devices. It also works with several prominent hospital systems and medical research universities on projects.

In the defense and aerospace industries, Revo has won contracts from the U.S. Army and several major defense contractors. This work involves developing systems for unmanned vehicles, sensors, secure communications, and more. Revo also does technology integration for space technology firms, supporting everything from small satellites to subsystems for rockets.

On the consumer side, Revo has partnered with automakers to engineer advanced driver assistance technologies and develop new connectivity solutions for vehicles. Its expertise in robotics, machine learning, and autonomous systems makes Revo well-positioned for opportunities emerging in consumer and enterprise robotics as well.

Community Impact and Future Plans

As one of the larger tech employers based in Murray for nearly two decades, Revo Technologies has had a significant impact on the local economy and technology industry. Revo actively recruits from the top computer science and engineering programs in Utah and has helped fuel demand for STEM talent locally.

Revo executives are also heavily involved in various trade groups and economic development organizations throughout the Salt Lake Valley. Michael Dayton in particular has often advocated for policies to support local technology businesses and attract more high-wage jobs to the region. Revo itself has partnered with many universities in the state on research projects and internship opportunities for students.

Looking ahead, Revo plans to continue investing in its Murray headquarters campus as its growth trajectory remains steep. While it already operates facilities in other states, day-to-day leadership and the bulk of its operations will undoubtedly remain centered in Utah for the foreseeable future due to the robust technology ecosystem that has arisen there. Murray and the broader Salt Lake Valley seem poised to support Revo Technologies as it grows into a large, diverse national engineering firm.

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