Flawless Floral Homecoming Dresses: Flattering Options for Every Body Type

That your body type didn’t matter. With that one promise from Do you know how your mum used to tell you that no matter what you wear, it will look good on you? her, you felt better right away. That being said, this isn’t always true with girls. As we grow, our bodies change shape. This can happen during puberty, youth, pregnancy, and other times. Ladies, we hear you! We put together this piece with all the information you will ever need to help you figure out your body type and pick out the right flawless floral homecoming dresses

Know Your Body Type To Choose The Best Flawless Floral Homecoming Dresses

Knowing your body type is very important when it comes to fashion. Different body shapes have different sizes and features. Flawless floral homecoming dresses for your body shape can bring out your best features and make your figure look healthy. If you accept and love your body shape, you can feel more secure and stylish.

  • Shape Of An Hourglass

A person with an hourglass shape has clear curves and a healthy upper and lower body. Choose tight and cut styles to draw attention to your waist and show off your curves. If you have a curvy shape, wrap flawless floral homecoming dresses, tops with belts, and trousers with high waists will look great on you.

  • Figure Of A Rectangle 

If you have a rectangular body shape, your shape is pretty straight and doesn’t have many bends. The important thing is to give the frame depth and the appearance of curves. To make your bust and hips look bigger, wear clothes with skirts, peplums, and stacked tops. Another way to make your shape stand out is to tie a belt around your waist. 

  • The Figure Of An Apple 

If you have an apple-shaped body, the middle is likely to be the most noticeable part. The goal is to make the body look balanced and take attention away from the middle. To make your waistline stand out more, wear flawless floral homecoming dresses with empire waist tops that flow and structured pieces. Bringing attention to your legs and chest can also help you look more balanced. 

How to Dress Based on Your Shape

  •  Look At A-Line Dresses

A-line flawless floral homecoming dresses have a waist that is pulled in and then flares out, making the body look more balanced. The best dresses fit at the waist but are not too tight around the middle.

  • Put On Tops That Are Darker Colors

If you want to look slimmer around your middle, darker colors can help. Wear heavier tops and lighter trousers or skirts to draw attention downward.

  • Do Not Write Anything Around Your Upper Body

If you don’t want your upper body to look bigger, avoid wearing tops with frills, shoulder pads, or other features around them. If you have an inverted triangle body shape, choose tops with simple, clean lines.

  • Wear Trousers With Wide Legs

When you wear wide-leg trousers, your upper and lower bodies can look more balanced. Look for trousers that fit close around the waist and loosen up at the hips.

  • Pick Colors That Are Darker For Your Bottoms

Wearing darker clothes can help make your hips and legs look slimmer. To draw attention, wear darker trousers or skirts and lighter tops. 

  • Stay Away From Tight Tops

Wear tops that aren’t too tight around the bust or middle because they can make your upper body look smaller. Choose tops that are a little less tight and more flowy instead.

  • Pick Clothes That Fit Well

Wearing clothes that are close to your body can make your curves stand out and give you a good shape. Look for tops and skirts that fit close to the hips and then loosen up around the waist.

  • Check Out V-Necks

V-necklines can make your upper and lower body look more balanced by drawing the eye down.

  • Choose Bottoms With A High Waist

Wearing bottoms with a high waist can make your waist look smaller and draw attention to your hips. Try to find pants or skirts that hit at or above your natural waist.


You can reach your full style potential if you accept your body type and flawless floral homecoming dresses for it. If you know what your body type is and use the fashion advice and outfit ideas in this guide, you can be sure that your style is showing. Always keep in mind that fashion is about being yourself and loving what you wear. Go to the Hello Molly website to see their best collection of dresses.

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