Debunking 07 Common Myths  About Buying Tyres Online

Buying tyres online is a cost-effective, time-saving, and hassle-free solution to get premium quality tyres with additional installation and maintenance services in Dubai.  However, most people, especially beginners, hesitate to buy tyres online because of some false beliefs, misconceptions, or myths associated with online shopping for tyres.

That’s why we are going to debunk these common myths and unveil facts to help beginners in making an informed decision about whether they buy tyres online or not.

Myth 1: Online Retailers Are Not Trustworthy

Fact: Various reliable and trusted retailers are delivering premier quality tyres all around the globe and have thousands of satisfied customers. You can check their experience, certificate or licence, testimonials, price lists, and warranty or guarantee to ensure you are relying on reliable vendors. 

Myth 2: Buying Tyres Online Is a Complicated Task

Fact: Buying tyres online is quite simple and more convenient than traditional shopping for tyres. All you need to buy tyres online is find a reliable tyre store, select your desired tyres, check their specifications or features, accept retailers’ terms or conditions, and pay for selected tyres to confirm your order.

Myth 3: Buying Tyres Online is An Expensive Solution

Fact: It’s just a misconception because various reliable online stores are offering premier quality and branded tyres at quite affordable rates. Moreover, they also offer seasonal sales, purchase in bulk discounts, insurance coverage, and additional services which results in saving a lot of money. 

Myth 4: Buying Tyres Online Always Carry Risk Factors

Fact: That’s not true, though some scammers also exist in this field, with the right strategies in place, doing thorough research, relying on a reliable retailer, and choosing a safe and secure payment method can protect you from risk factors or heavy financial losses.

Myth 5: Online Tyres are Of Low Quality

Fact: Unlike local retailers, online stores offer high-quality tyres manufactured by renowned brands. They aim to deliver quality and earn customer satisfaction which makes them a reliable source to get quality tyres without making a hole into your pocket.

Myth 6: Shipping Tyres is Slow and Costly

Fact: Reliable online tyre stores with considerable experience and higher market ranking, offer free-of-cost shipping and quick delivery all around the globe. It not only helps you get premier quality tyres at affordable rates but also saves you time and money.

Myth 7: You Can’t Return or Exchange Tyres

Fact: Almost all online stores offer easy return or change policies to ensure they are providing you with high-quality tyres manufactured by using state-of-the-art technology and unique safety features. However, make sure to keep your receipt or payment details safe as they are required to return or exchange any product. 

Key Takeaway

We hope that after going through this guide you will be able to differentiate between myths and facts linked to online shopping for tyres and make an informed decision. When buying premier quality such as Michelin tyres online make sure to do thorough research, check retailers’ credibility, read previous customer reviews, and understand the terms and conditions of the particular online tyre store.

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