App Developers VS App Designers: Is There Any Difference?

On a day-to-day basis, it’s easy to mix up app developers and app designers, especially considering their similar job titles. Both roles, whether here at Net-Craft Inc or elsewhere, share a fundamental similarity: they are heavily involved in creating new mobile applications. Let’s look deeper at each role and what makes them different.

What Is An App Developer?

The best app developers in Phoenix AZ are the masterminds responsible for shaping the structure and logic of mobile applications. Throughout the app development process, these skilled individuals translate the wireframes from app designers into functional products. Generally, three types of developers contribute to app creation. They include:

The Front-End App Developer

This developer’s task is to create user interface code, utilizing the designs that the app designer furnishes. They employ various app-building frameworks and technologies like Swift, Ionic, React, and Kotlin to accomplish this objective.

Back-End App Developer

Despite the confusion, back-end developers aren’t responsible for the visual aspects of a mobile application. Instead, their primary focus lies in ensuring its functionality—the behind-the-scenes operation. They seamlessly integrate systems of record, such as Salesforce, with operational databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL, or MongoDB, alongside Cloud platforms like AWS, guaranteeing secure data storage, efficient retrieval, and smooth delivery to your mobile app. Additionally, they develop the admin portal, empowering clients and authorized users to update content.

Furthermore, they create APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) to interface with third-party systems, facilitating functions such as analytics, payment processing, and customer relationship management. Proficient in languages like Python, Ruby, NodeJS, Typescript, .Net, or PHP, the back-end app developer is essential for realizing robust and dynamic mobile applications.

Full-Stack App Developer

Full-stack developers are the ultimate multitaskers, proficient in both front-end and back-end development services. Their responsibility involves building an entire mobile application from inception to completion. Leveraging frameworks like Swift and Kotlin, they navigate the entire development process. While they lack specialization in either backend or frontend development, they boast a diverse skill set crucial for optimizing your mobile application’s performance.

The responsibilities of the app developer include the following:

  • Being familiarizing with UX principles outlined by designers to ensure the app is intuitive and easy to use.
  • Applying programming language tools like XCode, Swift, and Kotlin to code the structure and logic of an application.
  • Deploying the latest technologies to create stunning and high-performing mobile apps.
  • Engineering and coding front-end design patterns.
  • Integrating APIs into the mobile application stack.
  • Ensuring minimal vulnerabilities exist in the front-end codebase.
  • Using tools to resolve performance issues and memory leaks.
  • Integrating user interface testing into the app’s build pipeline.

What Is An App Designer?

App Developers VS App Designers: Is There Any Difference?
App Developers VS App Designers: Is There Any Difference?

App designers craft the navigation and visual appearance of a new mobile application, determining how users will interact with it.

In a crowded market with thousands of apps vying for attention, standing out is crucial. Skilled app designers play a pivotal role in achieving this differentiation.

Their expertise is indispensable for the success of your app.

App designers must possess the passion, technical proficiency, and creativity necessary to develop an interface that captivates users and encourages engagement with both the app and your brand. The key to accomplishing this lies in creating an app with a user interface and experience that are not only user-friendly and functional but also aesthetically pleasing.

The following are app designer responsibilities:

  • The aesthetics of the application – These encompass its color scheme, buttons, fonts, graphics, and other vital elements necessary for its functionality.
  • The user experience – This involves aspects such as tab bars, navigation structure, controls, modal views, and other interactive features within the mobile app. The timing, placement, and method of interaction are all critical factors in ensuring a seamless experience for your users with your new app.

When crafting a mobile app, app designers carefully consider screen size, touch interaction, and keyboard integration in their design process.

In their arsenal of tools, app designers rely on programs like Sketch, Figma, and Adobe XD to create designs and mockups. These designs are regularly shared with clients, developers, and users for feedback.

By utilizing wireframing and sketching tools, app designers can develop high-fidelity, interactive prototypes for both Android and iOS apps. This allows clients and their customers to experience the app before its final release. This proactive approach enables you to provide a more tailored service aligned with your business goals, validate designs early in the process, and identify any pain points for quick resolution.

The daily responsibilities of app designers encompass a variety of tasks, including:

  • Understanding the objectives of the new app.
  • Identifying the requirements of the user.
  • Formulating concepts for the visual appearance of the app.
  • Brainstorming ideas on how the new design can address the user’s needs.
  • Creating wireframes that outline screens of content, navigation paths, and basic interactions.
  • Conducting testing of designs and prototypes with end users before development.
  • Reviewing the work of developers to ensure the accuracy of the implementation.


What’s The Difference Between App Designers And App Developers?

App designers serve as the masterminds behind app planning, conceptualization, and problem-solving, culminating in the creation of wireframes. They are not involved in coding, leaving that task to the app developers.

Conversely, tech-savvy app developers focus on ensuring the app’s functionality and incorporation of necessary features.

Their objective is to guarantee the app is efficient, speedy, user-friendly, and secure by facilitating users in accomplishing their tasks. Designers, on the other hand, prioritize aesthetic appeal, intuitiveness, and the implementation of user-friendly navigation structures, striving to deliver an exceptional user experience.

So who’s the best?

In reality, neither the app designer or app developer can function alone. Despite their distinct approaches, both are indispensable to crafting an exceptional app.

At Net-Craft Inc, a leading app development firm in Phoenix, we offer the best of both realms. Our dedicated team of app designers and full-stack developers possesses the technical prowess and knowledge required to tackle even the most intricate projects effortlessly. When you’re prepared to enlist the best mobile app development service in Phoenix, feel free to connect with us today.

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